High-speed band saw PG 850×1000 HERCULES-X

Technical parameters PEGAS 850×1000 HERKULES X
Manufacturer PEGAS – GONDA s. r. o.
Name – Type PEGAS 850×1000 HERCULES-X
Power 11 kW
Max. dimensions of the cut material – logs Ø 850 mm
Max. dimensions of the cut material – rectanble 1 000 x 850 mm
Max. dimensions of the cut material – volume 750 x 600 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 4 150 x 2 050 x 2 500 mm
Weight 10 100 kg
PEGAS 850×1000 HERCULES-X is semi-aic, hydraulically operated two-columned band saw suitable for cutting steels and hard machinable alloy steels in vertical sections. This saw is a compact, robust geometric location of the poles, pulleys, guides the blade.


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