Tool factory – CNC – DMF 260/1100

CNC 3 Axis Machining Center DMF 260/1100

Technical parameters DMF 260
Manufacturer Deckel Maho Seebach GMBH
Name – Type DMF 260
Axis travel X, Y, Z 2 600 x 1 100 x 900 mm
Max. permissible workpiece weigth 4 000 kg
Number of tools in magazine 30 pcs
Spindle speed 8 000 rpm/min
Dimensions (l x w x h) 8 011 x 10 972 x 3 134 mm
Weigth 25 000 kg
DMF is the ideal solution for applications in the aerospace, mechanical engineering as well as tool and mold making industries. Depending on your individual requirements, the machines can be expanded and retooled for a wide variety of applications. The long work table allows the clamping of long workpieces and the multiple clamping of smaller workpieces, as well as twin table machining and serial production in two separate work areas after integration of the optional separator wall.


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